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the astronauts of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Josh Cassada and Frank Rubiothey showed what the earth looks like in a spacewalkduring the installation of a deployable solar panel (iROSA 3A) in the International Space Station.

fully unfolded, the solar array measures about 19 by 6 meters. According to NASA, the solar panels on the Station increase your energy capacity between 20 and 30%generating a total of 120 kilowatts of energy. The recorded works had beautiful shots of the Land From space.

Both astronauts also disconnected a cable to ensure a power channel could be reactivated and completed an additional task to free several bolts for the upcoming solar panel installation in a feeding channel.

What did the Earth look like from space?

Was the space walk number 256 in support of assembly, updating and maintenance work of the International Space Stationand it was the second for both astronauts. In the images disseminated by the Station, the Land was seen with blue and white shades during the works.

What is the objective of this space mission?

married and blonde are on a planned six-month science mission and are working aboard a microgravity laboratory to advance scientific knowledge and demonstrate new technologies for future human and robotic exploration missions, including lunar missions through the NASA’s Artemis program.

When will the next space walk be?

The next space walk is scheduled for Monday December 19 and its purpose is to install a 4th drop down solar panel, out of a total of six that are planned to be installed at the Station. The panels will increase power generation capacity by up to 30%, increasing your total available power.

According to NASA, the deployable solar panels they surrendered to the International Space Station during a cargo ship resupply mission SpaceX Dragon last November 27. With this maneuver, NASA astronauts have allowed restore the operational capacity of the Station.

the walk of Josh Cassada and Frank Rubioin which Earth could be observed from space lasted more than seven hours, where NASA astronauts, Nicole Mann and Koichi Wakatafrom Japan’s space agency helped guide them from inside the Station.

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