Mystery solved! Caramel revealed what he does Halftime

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Héctor Chávez Ramírez, better known as Candyis the most iconic and colorful fan that the Mexican National Team has, since follow the Tricolor to every corner where it appears Y Qatar 2022 will not be the exception.

Caramel has shared, through their social networks, details of his trip to World Cup lands to support to the painting directed by Tata Martino.

The support of him and all the Mexican fans will be important for El Tri, who will share a group with Poland, Argentina and Saudi Arabia in the world.

A lots of fans have pointed out on various occasions that They are intrigued to know what Caramelo does to be able to always be next to the Aztec team. The charismatic fan finally finished with the mystery.

What does Caramel do?

Hector Chavez revealedduring an interview with ESPN, what he does, although he pointed out that it is something he does not like to talk about much.

Gómez, first of all, pointed out that his money “is not ill-gotten” and then confessed that he has several businesses. He started as a jeweler and little by little he expanded his ventures.

Caramel currently works in real estate. I started as a jeweler. I lasted 28 years in the field of buying and selling jewelry. Real estate allows me to continue to Mexico. For example, today I closed a commercial negotiation in Chihuahua, ”she related.

With the real estate business it allows me to manage my business and be able to receive commissions. I am dedicated to commercial real estatenot to the residency question”, he continued.

Candy once again made it clear that he has paid his taxes at all times and that his resources are completely legitimate.

“They are very wrong. The income I have is transparent, fully accounted for, I pay 100 percent of my tax contributions before the Treasury, then, there is nothing ”, he sentenced.

How much does Caramel earn?

The number fan of the Tricolor pointed out that can travel to watch matches thanks to technologywhich allows you to work remotely.

“Today technology allows you to be connected all over the worldso I can close negotiations remotely ”, he explained.

Finally, Caramel disclosed the amount it receives approximately per monthwhich is close to half a million pesos.

It is very variable. It can fluctuate between 60 thousand or up to 400 thousand pesos per month. If I close a contract with a company, I can take 400,000 pesos, but if I don’t do anything, then I won’t take anything, ”he concluded.


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