Myriam Montemayor will sing with La Sonora Santanera and aspires to be the best interpreter of 2023

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La Maraka will have a couple of special nights With the presence of The Sonora Santanera, a mythical group that will summon some artists to grace its stage. This will happen the nights of January 27 and 28, in the Narvarte neighborhood. For the event to have even more impact, one of the most recognizable female voices of recent years will be there, that reference is for Myriam Montemayor.

The former member of The Academy and winner of its first generation, will perform some songs in the company of The Sonora Santanera. After this, 2023 looks too much promising for Myriam, Well, he is celebrating his 20-year career and promises to reach the top of his profession by recording new songs.

Myriam with La Sonora Santanera in La Maraka

The formula seems to be perfect for the success of that night to materialize. Thus, Myriam Montemayor anticipated what he will present at this event, all this in interview for El Heraldo de México.

“Happy with this invitation that makes me very excited to sing alongside La Sonora Santanera on January 28. And to share with my colleagues Yahir, Fela Domínguez and Río Roma. I am going to sing several songs, one called ‘Negra Pena’ and It was Manolo Calderón who recommended me to record it, it was by Sonia López and La Sonora Santanera. Another will be ‘Ladronzuelo’ and maybe we give them a surprise by singing something all together”, he commented.

Happy to once again share a stage with Yahir, whom she recently had in The Academy as conductor and she as godmother, Myriam hopes that the mix of voices pleases the public and, above all, works well in the musical intimacy of the marakaa stage where it will be presented for the second time.

Celebration of 20 years of career to be the best

In addition to singing along with La Sonora Santanera, Myriam has a 2023 full of work. To begin with, last December he celebrated 20 years of his career at El Lunario, a site that was the starting signal for many more months of festivities, including more dates as well as the recording new songs.

“I want to take song by song, the pandemic left me some songs to record, as soon as I enter. And they have sent me new ones by different composers, but there is one with whom I commune and it is my beloved and admired Carlos Macías, I have two jewels from him , one is ‘Basta’, my most recent single and ‘Ya lo ves’, from the album ‘Cambio de piel’,” he said.

With the intention of releasing single by single, Myriam wants to record an entire album with Carlos Macías. Starting from this, she wants to position herself as the best female performer.

“As a singer, I would like to position myself as one of the most important interpreters of this new generation, and for that, great composers are needed, which is why I have surrounded myself with the best.”

And before this, he recalled: “Maestro Manzanero gave me the opportunity to sing his songs and do the Las Mujeres de Manzanero tour. Also from maestro Fato, I have a song called ‘Prometiste volver’ and from maestro Macías ‘Basta’, which is one of my favorites, besides admiring them they are my friends”.

surprises in february

To culminate, Myriam announced when she will release these songs.

“Of these pending songs, they are already working on the arrangement of ‘Dale veneno’, then ‘Tengo ganas’ will follow. I like to release each single one by one because you give time to each song; I would like to release ‘Dale veneno’ in February ‘ and take advantage of the fact that it will be my birthday on February 8”.

“From ‘Basta’ I want to release an acoustic version and the video clip. Then other record material will come in a recording studio. That will be my best gift, music. I always do a concert on my birthday to celebrate.”


“Grateful to the people because 20 years ago with their vote they made my dream come true, I am lucky to be able to continue in music after 20 years”

“With most of my classmates from my generation and some more from others, I maintain communication. Face-to-face is difficult because I live in Monterrey and many in Mexico City or the United States. Even if it’s by WhatsApp, but we share friendship, stage and taste for the music”


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