Mutual Union addresses how to improve the health and safety of workers in a sustainable way

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Within the Healthy Company model, Unión de Mutuas announces the actions implemented in favor of caring for the protection of the health and labor well-being of employees, workers and the community

Editorial Interempresas12/23/2022

Mutual Union has participated, one more year, in the Gora Well-being Congress in which, under the motto ‘The path of well-being and business efficiency’, professionals from all over the national territory have gathered with the aim of sharing the present and the future of well-being and occupational health, with special attention to the post-pandemic situation, psychosocial prevention and sustainability.

Within the block dedicated to training, the person in charge of Preventive Activities of Union de Mutuas, Emilio Gmez, has addressed the Keys to being a Healthy company, highlighting the importance of raising awareness, in the world of work, about the human and social benefits that report favorable environments for health, since they favor a sustainable and quality working life.

In this sense, he has detailed the four pillars on which a healthy company is based. The physical health environment, the psychosocial work environment, health resources and the search for health improvements in the community are the foundations that improve working conditions and people’s health while boosting productivity and competitiveness of companies, since they also influence the reduction of workplace accidents.

In his speech, Emilio Gómez explained the Healthy Organization Management model of Union de Mutuas which, based on the WHO way of understanding health, applies a physical, psychological and social well-being model for both its employees and its companies. mutualists, implementing health promotion and comprehensive care programs for companies, employees, the family and the community.

Thus, as main health promotion and protection projects, during the last eight years, Unión de Mutuas has developed, within the healthy company model, the Safe and Responsible Mobility Project, the Musculoskeletal Disorder Prevention Project, the Plan of cardiovascular health and the project

The person in charge of the mutual also reported on the projects currently underway, We take care of your health, and the Plan for Maturity and well-being at work, as well as the good results and the excellent reception they are obtaining among workers.

As a socially responsible entity and expert in absenteeism management, Unión de Mutuas collaborates with mutual companies in the implementation of the promotion of occupational health and well-being, through the Healthy Company model, a model that places people and Comprehensive health care at the center of the organization’s strategy.

The non-profit Congress gora Wellness offers a global vision of wellness solutions and trends. Since its inception in 2016, it has been conceived as a forum for the exchange of knowledge and experiences in well-being, both from a personal (body and mind) and a business (environment) perspective, and as a national meeting point for professionals who address Top-of-the-line topics on well-being and innovation.

Supported by universities, professional entities, companies and other organizations, this meeting promotes the culture of well-being with the aim of achieving a healthier society, also showing its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals.

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