Mother and son study Medicine together at the UAG

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Being a doctor is a matter of vocation; it is born from the heart and like all desires, if it is not fulfilled, it can remain inside until the right moment arrives; With effort, dedication, discipline and passion, what is dreamed of can be achieved.

Such is the case of Dr. Janeth Urquides Angulo, a medical student, who is currently doing her social service and is the mother of Eduardo Fregoso Urquides, a fourth-semester medical student.

Both share a curious and special bond, they are students at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara (UAG). She is the mother of two young people and she is a woman who always wanted to study Medicine, today she has achieved it and is an inspiration for her son, Eduardo.

“For me, UAG was the best option and I always wanted to study here. I finished my degree with an average of 89 and the service ended in July 2023, ”she shared.

For her, it feels “strange to study” with her son, “when I entered eighth grade he entered first grade and we would see each other in the hallways, it was funny, it was always nice. Being a mom and a medical student is difficult, tiring, the day seemed to last 40 hours, but my children were an inspiration to finish. Being a mom and dedicating yourself to boarding school, home, study and family is tiring, but nice when it’s over. Today I am proud of the race and my children”.

For the student Eduardo Fregoso Urquides, in the fourth semester of Medicine, it is also a fun curiosity to have his mother close and share these beautiful years of his degree.

“I didn’t think about studying Medicine, but every time I saw her come home from her classes and what the degree was like, I was moved and that interest got me. Many teachers remember her for her abilities and effort, that excites and inspires me too. I am proud of my mother, she took care of us and she was an excellent student, recognized by the university, she is inspiring, ”she commented.

In addition to this, he chose the UAG for its educational quality, its practices and initiative that they have directed towards research, since from the first semester he has been interested and was immersed in it.

They both hope to finish their degrees, be professional partners and collaborate together in their passion, which is health, caring for others and family unity.

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