Monkeypox: UNAM shares instructions in case of suspecting that the disease is suffered

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Before the presence of monkeypox and in order to answer some questions, the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) shared the instructions in case of suspect That suffers from the disease.

What to do in case of suspicion of having monkeypox?

According to the UNAMon suspicion of monkeypoxshould be considered several actions to follow, for instance, isolate Y warn people with which he stayed close contact.

In case of suspicion of being infected, the affected person must stay in voluntary isolation at home and notify those who have had close contact. Simultaneously, call your service medical care (IMSS or ISSSTEor alternatively to Condesa clinics of the CDMX Ministry of Health).

  • Avoid contact and wear face masks

As soon as contagion is suspected, the person should isolate until confirm either discard its diagnosis by a doctor, avoid direct contact with others and wear a face mask whenever you are with other people.

Other suggestions made by the UNAM in su instructive in case of suspecting monkeypox is to go to receive medical care and stresses that, if the affected person is in a university headquartersyou must go to the medical services of the same, in order to be evaluated and, where appropriate, referred to a unit hospital for study and attention, in accordance with the guide issued by the Health Secretary for him handling of these cases.

For confirmed cases

The maximum house of studies of our country highlighted that whenever the diagnosis is positive to monkey pox “The affected person must save isolation and avoid contact with other people complete 21 days from infectionand close contacts of the patient should be notified.

And before the start of school year marked on the university calendar, the UNAM emphasized that if one of his students were to test positive for monkeypox “It is not necessary to close the academic group or the section or office where the patient has been.”

Finally, he added that the measures that are implemented to avoid cCOVID-19 infections as the “Individual hygiene and hygiene in common areas, distance, use of face masks in the facilities and ventilation of closed places, protection against monkeypox is also favored.”

Monkeypox in Mexico

In Mexico there have been, since last May, 386 confirmed cases of monkeypoxaccording to the latest report from the Ministry of Health, an agency that highlighted that there is no record of deaths caused by said disease.

The UNAM recalled that monkeypox is a illness caused by a viruswhich can be spread from person to person, mainly by direct, close and prolonged skin contact (kisses, caresses, sex). In rare cases, it can also be spread through the mucus from the nose and saliva from the mouth in case of close coexistence and repeated with a sick person (in the same house) or through objects of his personal use shared with others.