Monica Naranjo cancels concerts due to health problems

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Mónica Naranjo reported that she has problems with her digestive system, so she will have to rest for a few months. Photo: Getty Images

the spanish singer Monica Naranjo announced, through his social networks, that he will stop his musical career and suspend all the presentations he had scheduled for the coming months of October and November due to health problems, but he assures that he will return to the stage at the end of the year when you visit Chile.

The interpreter of “Love Places”and one of the most relevant singers of the music in Spanish, he explained in detail the difficult situation he is going through, “Dear everyone. I wanted to write you a letter personally. Sometimes life gives you an unexpected obstacle and, when everything is going well, a spark plug fails and you have to go to the workshop”.

The 48-year-old singer detailed her almost million followers in Instagram the whole situation: “and this is what has happened to this one who writes to you. Me digestive system It’s been giving me a hard time and I’ve already had to go to the workshop to have a nut adjusted, because it even threatened to affect my vocal instrument”.

Orange tree He assured that his illness is not serious and expressed that “without being anything especially serious, that I do not want anyone to worry too much, the advice of my medical team is that I have to save a couple of months of recovery and, although I did not want to, I have a team that loves me very much and that has forced me to stop despite my roars (because a diva, sometimes, is complicated when things don’t go the way you want)”.

“My entire professional schedule for September and October has been cancelled,” he confirmed. Monica with some resignation. In addition to canceling her concerts, the Spanish canceled all “promotional and professional events.” “I will not be able to start a tour in October in Spain either, since I cannot attend any rehearsal, nor prepare the show that you deserve,” he asserted.

“Although you don’t choose when these things happen to you, what you do choose is how to deal with it. I do it with the greatest hope of meeting again and getting on stage at the end of the year. I promise you that the hug will be even stronger when we can see each other, ”she concluded.