Momiji is Christmas Yor Forger in Spy x Family cosplay

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This weekend we saw the end of the first season of the anime from Spy x Family, one of the most popular of the year that is already confirmed will return next year. The popularity of Spy x Famiy has inspired countless cosplayamong them that of Yor Forger Christmas with which we fell in love with the beauty momiji In the past week.

Since the Spy x Family anime began airing in the summer of this year, Yor Forger became a new waifu, as well as a favorite for the cosplay and artist community. Momiji showed off presenting a Yor Forger cosplay with a never-before-seen look, with which she receives Santa Claus in a very comfortable way.

Momiji is an Italian cosplayer with a lot of experience, as she is about to turn nine years old since she started posting cosplays and in this time she has presented hundreds of them, transforming into her favorite video game, anime and manga characters. However, few cosplays of her have turned out as well as Spy x Family’s Christmas Yor Forger.

The first time we saw Momiji in a Yor Forger cosplay was at the end of October, but then it was in the outfit she wears in the Spy x Family anime. Instead, the new version of Yor Forger was shown for the first time exactly one week ago, wearing an outfit inspired by his red sweater that shows how he would look at the Christmas gathering.

Although Momiji had been showing us a few glimpses of her new Yor Forger Christmas cosplay, it was not until this Sunday, December 25, in the middle of Christmas, that she showed us her best photographs, showing a bit of what the thorn killer wears under her red dress.

The Yor Forger cosplay turned out great for Momiji, especially in the photo that mimics the drunken look of the Thorn Killer from the Spy x Family anime. If you liked this version of the character, I invite you to visit the social networks of this Italian cosplayer, as you will find hundreds of different photographs and all of them of great quality.


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