“Mission Accomplished”, unreleased song by Jenni Rivera

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The theme was released “Mission Accomplished”, an unreleased song by Jenni Riverawhich sees the light for the first time almost 10 years after the tragic death of “The Great Lady” in a plane crash.

Jenni Rivera’s children had mentioned a few weeks ago that the song “Mission Accomplished” would officially come out on November 2 and revealed that when Rosie and Juan Rivera, the diva’s brothers, left the companies of the artist and her daughter Jacqie was left in charge they found a lot of material, including the recording of the new song.

Chiquis, Jacqie, Mikey, Jenicka and Johnny, children of Jenni Rivera, had presented a preview of the song for an audience of less than 100 people during Billboard Latin Music Week.

At that time, the heirs of the Diva de la Banda said that hearing their mother’s voice in an unreleased song was exciting, emotional and unexpected.

Johnny, the youngest son of Jenni Rivera, said that while checking his mother’s things in 2016 he discovered the lyrics of a song with the title “Mission Accomplished” and then found that the theme was recordedthe song had the production of Sergio Lizárraga of the MS Band.

The new theme will be included on an album that will be released on December 9as part of the commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the singer’s death.

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