Miss Universe: Irma Miranda looked so beautiful representing Mexico in the preliminary contest

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Tonight the preliminary competition of miss Universewhere the various participants looked like all goddesses of beauty, being Irma Mirandathe model that turned heads thanks to her charms and incredible outfits, which made her crowned one of the most beautiful of the night.

During the swimsuit parade, Irma Miranda she wore a light blue two-piece bikini, which she complemented with a beautiful beach outing that pays homage to “El Pecado de Oyuki”, a Mexican soap opera starring Ana Martin, who was chosen for her charms to represent Mexico in the contest Miss World 1963, but due to not meeting the minimum age requirements, she was withdrawn from the contest, despite emerging as one of the favorites.

During the gala catwalk, Irma Cristina Miranda Valenzuelafull name of the mexican modelthis one took the eyes with an incredible champagne-colored dress, which in addition to making her look like a princess, allowed her to put our country on high.

The look of the woman born on August 15, 1996 consisted of a model full of shine, which, in addition to having a heart-shaped neckline, had some transparencies at the bottom of the dress, which ended up giving a sensual touch to the dress. outfit of Irma Miranda.

Regarding the cutting of Irma Miranda evening dressIt should be noted that this helped to highlight the model’s perfect body measurements, which have made her one of the favorites of the beauty contest where she and Miss Colombia are emerging as possible winners.

Although without a doubt, the attire of Irma Miranda In the preliminary competition of the contest, he added many points to who from a young age became interested in the world of modeling, taking charge of winning different beauty pageants since he was 18 years old, beginning his career in his native Sonora.


miss Universe: Irma Miranda She became the “weather girl” to the representative of Mexico, that’s how she looked on TV


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