Miss Universe 2021 shocks the networks by looking even heavier

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Harnaaz Sandhu, the actual Miss Universe 2021 of the India, has generated a lot of buzz for his noticeable weight gain. Proof of this was given in the recent event of the new owner of the organization Miss Universe Anne Jakrajutatip whose event “EXTRAVAGANCE” brought together five former crown winners with Harnaaz, and where the photos of the most recent queen have generated all kinds of comments due to their weight.

Miss Universe 2021 He is again in the eye of the hurricane, and it is that in his most recent appearance in the “EXTRAVAGANZA” event, he has generated numerous negative comments because of his notorious weight gain.

The comments range from criticism and ridicule, to messages that invite you to stop making fun of and criticizing your body. Although there are many people who support the beautiful universal queen, the notoriety of criticism and ridicule is undeniable.

From here, our message is to have better empathy towards Harnaaz Sandhu, since we focus on its positive aspects than on simple physical changes that both she and any human being can have at any time in their lives.

And you, what is your opinion about Harnaaz Sandhu?

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