Misfortune in Peru: bus fell into the abyss in Piura and 26 passengers died | America

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In the midst of the social upheaval, where injuries are counted everywhere every day, a new misfortune is added: a large-scale vehicle accident that has so far claimed the lives of 26 people. During the early morning, at kilometer 121 of the Panamericana Norte, between the El Alto and Los Órganos districts, in the Piura region, an interprovincial bus overturned with more than 60 people on board.

The vehicle from the Q’orianka Tours Águila Dorada company, license plate A7D-780, was driven by Jesús Flores Navarro, who also lost his life. Although the reason for the tragedy is still unknown, it is presumed that it would have been a bad maneuver due to the complexity of that area of ​​the road, known with the chilling name of the ‘devil’s curve’. In 2020, on that same stretch, seven people died and 45 were injured by another bus that lost control and overturned.

If on that occasion a large group of fans of the Barcelona club from Guayaquil were traveling, this time the most affected have been citizens of Haitian nationality, according to the Los Órganos Highway Traffic, Transportation and Road Safety Directorate. It has not yet been possible to determine the identity of all the fatalities or why there were so many Central Americans. The truth is that in recent years it has been reported that the Haitian population has frequently entered Peru from Chile, exactly in the border region of Tacna. His purpose: to return to his country.

The wounded were treated in the nearby hospitals of El Alto, Máncora and Talara. It will be a long process for them to assimilate the horror scenes that they had to experience. It is estimated that it was a fall of 80 meters. The bus had the Tumbes region as its final destination. It took a joint effort between the Police, Serenazgo and the firefighters to support the rescue efforts.

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