minimum price for the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 and Smart Band 7 Pro bracelets

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Have a smart bracelet The fact that it is capable of measuring the physical activity that is carried out during the day and, also, that it shows the time and the notifications that arrive on the phone, has become almost indispensable nowadays. If you have to buy one, now is an excellent time, since you can get any of the two best from Xiaomi at a price rarely seen to date.

Obviously, we are talking about the models that belong to the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 range, which is the latest generation that the Asian company has launched to date. Compatible with iOS and Android terminalsSome of the options they offer are common. Like for example they have waterproof that allows you to practice swimming with them on; are able to show amount of oxygen you have in your blood; and, of course, to communicate with the smartphone, uses Bluetooth -so nothing to put any cable through to achieve it-.

The two Xiaomi bracelets on offer

We are going to show you what you have to do to get any of them, which are sent home with full security. And, in addition, they include a black silicone strap that is very resistant and that fits perfectly in any type of situation (but, if you wish, you can easily change them to get accessories that are made of leather and even fabric). These are the discounts you can take advantage of right now:

Xiaomi Smart Band 7

This is a model with a traditional appearance within the range of the Asian company and that weighs only 13.2 grams. with a screen of 1.62 inches that allows you to enjoy a brightness of 500 nits, so it looks perfectly outdoors, you can be more than you will see the information of everything that happens on the phone. In addition, it is capable of detecting more than 100 different sports without you having to do anything for it.

With an autonomy that reaches two weeks and including a new magnetic system for charging, it should be noted that The number of sensors that this model has inside is high and complete, highlighting its three-axis accelerometer or the existence of a PPG type (heart rate) that ensure that a lot of information is acquired and that it is also accurate.

Xiaomi Smartband 7 Pro

The most modern of all the smart bracelets that the Asian company has on the market right now. The great novelty that it includes with respect to its little sister is the screen. This is from 1.64 inch color, and it looks quite similar to the one in smartwatches. In addition, despite this, the autonomy is maintained in two weeks, which is due to a higher amperage battery.

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro Bracelet

It includes the same number and quality of sensors, so its behavior in daily use is just as good. No problems with water and with a lots of featuressuch as being able to manage music playback on the smartphone, is an ideal choice for all types of users because it has everything.

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