Miguel Herrera belittled America called the team that Halftime

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Michael Herrera The whole week has been news everywhere. After he was removed from the technical direction of the tigersthe Piojo has not tired of giving statements, giving away memorable phrases, some full of controversy.

During the conference he gave this week, he was analyzing his attitudes off the court, which have led him to many problems. It was then that he remembered his time with America, which he ignored when calling him “that team”.

“What happened with America, after I gave everything to that team, they didn’t forgive me, they charged me. So, I have no debt with anyone,” said the former UANL coach.

Check out what the Piojo del América said

He remembered fighting with people from LAFC

Michael Herrera defended himself against the painful events in the Concachampions 2020, where he got involved in a lawsuit with the coaching staff of LAFCassuring that he only responded to an attack.

On the other hand, he pointed out that after failing in his aspirations to stay in the Concachampions, he put his resignation on Santiago Baños’ desk.

“The situation that happened with LAFC, the aggression was theirs. Obviously I answered and argued, these are things I shouldn’t do, but on the night of that day I resigned from Santiago Baños, and before leaving Mexico for this tournament, I told Santiago ‘if I have the obligation to win the tournament, look for another coach’, because it was a very difficult title to win.

“We were in the process of putting together a team again, after having sold 10 players for very good money and I resigned from Baños that night and he told me ‘no, the project is with you, I already talked about it with the people, we ratified the project with you.” But another person, above Baños, spoke to me through Zoom and said goodbye. He told me ‘you’re not going anymore’ and I saw Santiago’s astonished face, he said-

What did Piojo win with America?

​During the two stages he led América, Miguel Herrera was able to lift Closing 2013 and Opening 2018; a Copa MX and the 2019 Champion of Champions.

The legacy of Piojo in the Coapa team should be highlighted, since he is one of the top winning coaches of the club, since he is equal in titles to Jorge Viera and Raul Cardenaswho also achieved four.


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