Michelle Salas, daughter of “Sol”, reacts to Luis Miguel’s alleged courtship with Paloma Cuevas

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Michelle Salas, daughter of
Michelle Salas reacts to Luis Miguel’s supposed courtship. Photo: Darkroom

The alleged relationship of Luis Miguel with Paloma Cuevas, has reacted to Michelle Salas, the daughter that the singer procreated with Stephanie Salasfurther fueling the rumors of romance of the “sun” with the businesswoman.

What did Michelle Salas say about her dad’s romance?

After some new photographs of the interpreter of “Fría como el viento”, a song that, it is said, he dedicated to Lucía Méndez, came to light, the press took on the task of looking for Michelle Salas to question her about new love affair of famous father.

Faced with questions, the great-granddaughter of Silvia Pinal he limited himself to answering favorably about him new romance of the “Sun”, who, to his credit, has conquered beautiful women in show business.

“Phenomenal”were the words used by the member of the Pinal dynasty, that has differences with Frida Sofia, to refer to the romance of performer who has dedicated several songs.

And although the model did not elaborate further on the subject, she had already been questioned about dove caveswhom he described as a “great woman”as reported by various media communication.

Paloma Cuevas’ father denies Luis Miguel’s affair

Despite the constant photographs that have begun to circulate, confirming the romance that, it is said, would have caused the fight between Luis Miguel and Enrique Ponce, ex-husband of Paloma Cuevas, the father of the businesswoman Spanish denied all relationship loving with the famous.

“The relationship remains the same. They are two friends”

Victorian Valencia

In a meeting with the media Spaintaken up by the Mexican broadcast “First hand”the extorero stressed that Luis Miguel it’s all a Knight.

“At the moment, they are friends, but I will tell you one thing, he is a gentleman, a great person and you don’t dislike that. He is a very dear person at home, we have known him forever and what I want is for my daughter to be happy ”

Victorian Valencia

Also, so far, neither Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas they have pronounced regard to the supposed Romance that hold

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