Michelle Salas and the moments of happiness that she treasures with her mother… and Humberto Zurita

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Michelle Salas. (Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images)

With a video of less than 30 seconds, model Michelle Salas has shown that I couldn’t be happier for his mother, Stephanie Salas, and his courtship with Humberto Zurita. Some images with which he affirms that yes you can have a happy family.

Wow, it’s not uncommon for her too influencers share photos next to Stephanie or her sister Camila Valero on your social networks. either in post public or through their storiesThey have left evidence that in this female circle they love and support each other unconditionally personally and professionally.

“I’m always happy if my mom is happy, life law, life law,” Michelle said in early November when asked what she thought about her mother’s recent relationship with the also theater producer. And although the couple is discreet about their romance, it has been the young model who has briefly shown their coexistence: the three of them on the beach spending a few days together, in the lightest way possible, without posing, without the harassment of the media.

And it is that for the Rooms to have such quiet moments seemed impossible, especially after the bioseries of Luis Miguel in which neither Michelle nor Stephanie were well portrayed.

In the series broadcast by Netflix, a fleeting encounter (apparently out of spite) of the Mexican artist with the also singer is recreated when they were both 19 years old and for which she would become pregnant, paternity that Luismi denied for several years.

Although there was a first meeting between the young designer and her father when she was three years old, he was never a father figure present. “I no longer want to be pitied for being the unrecognized daughter of Luis Miguel, when he knows that I exist. I’m not asking for a life, I just want him to give me five minutes so that he can explain his reasons to me. Tell me what happened and that’s it,” he told the magazine Who in 2005. Shortly after, after a DNA test, he recognized her as his firstborn.

Once his paternity was legally accepted, Luis Miguel invited her to move with him to his residence in Los Angeles, but this father-daughter approach It ended because of her love affair with Alejandro Asensi, the singer’s former manager.

The anecdote had a chapter in the bioseries, which annoyed the young woman because it showed a sexual act, with a nude included by her character, and which she considered a total lack of respect. “I have to say that it seems really unnecessary, disrespectful and unfortunate the way in which the production decides to treat a woman, her daughter, to end this chapter of her story. Explicitly sexualizing her at 19 years of age and violating her privacy,” she wrote on her Instagram account in 2021.

It seems that as a result of this, the influencers and El Sol are apart, but she hasn’t spoken about it.

Since then, Michelle has focused on promoting more happy moments with her mother, although some try to find secrets between the lines, as happened in a post recent in which he thanked his family, friends, his work “and the fruits” he has received.

According to some, in the photo shared on their social networks, the model shows a bulging belly and that this could be a pregnancy. The words that accompany the image, they say, could confirm that something good is about to come.

The only sure thing in those lines is that Michelle has managed to be happy. And that she wants it to continue multiplying.


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