Mhoni Seer predicts strange phenomenon, is the end of the world approaching? | VIDEO

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The predictions of Nostradamus have been known throughout history for being fulfilled or for their extreme coincidence with certain phenomena and catastrophic events in the world. Since 2020, humanity has experienced extreme situations with climate change, the coronavirus, the risk of a third world war, but Mhoni Seer warn you of the fulfillment of a divine revelation.

The astrologer assures that despite the climate crisis, there are phenomena that are not normal and have never been seen before, these could be related to signs of the apocalypse. These events have taken place on the coasts of the United States and Europe, but they could be a sign of something evil.

Mhoni Seer He explained that the first phenomenon occurred with fish and dolphins that washed up on the beaches of some parts of the world, since they came out of the sea to die. However, a video of the death of several birds that fell from the sky, what does it mean?

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Could it be that something evil is approaching? Mhoni Seer responds

Mhoni Seer explained one of the most unusual phenomena of nature, and that is that in the midst of climate change, birds and animals have mysteriously died. But there could be a much more “scary” explanation, as a flock of birds fell dead from the sky.

That’s impossible… it’s a sign of the devil

The seer ensures that animals, such as birds and fish, have a kind of radar that helps them navigate the sky and the sea, so it is difficult for them to lose their sense or direction of their journey and end up dead. Mhoni explained that it could be a ssign of the apocalypse.

Mhoni Seer explain what one of the divine revelations could be fulfilled written by John, God’s favorite apostle. Furthermore, everything is a result of evil energies that are manifestingbecause the demons have the power to occupy certain dimensions and control these birds so that they kill each other, since it is impossible for something like this to happen naturally.