Mexico will experience solar eclipses in 2023 and 2024! We tell you when and where to see them

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In 2023 and 2024 the Mexican sky will darken for a few minutes and Mexicans will be able to witness one of the most incredible astronomical phenomena: a solar eclipse.

NASA reported that the October 14, 2023 you can admire how the moon stands between the earth and the sun, blocking the light for a few minutes.

Solar eclipses are rare. The last time Mexico witnessed an event like this was on July 11, 1991. Although there have been several in recent years, you can only admire specific places in the world.

Where can the solar eclipse of 2023 be seen?

The best place to admire the solar eclipse will be in the Yucatan Peninsula; however, the other states of the Republic will also be able to witness it to a lesser degree. As detailed by UNAM, the other states will observe a partial eclipse, that is, only part of the sun will be hidden.

The solar eclipse of 2023 will be a annular Eclipse, which occurs when the moon is at its furthest point from the Earth and stands between the earth and the sun. In this type of eclipse the moon will not completely cover the sun, it will only hide the center; in this way you will see a black circle surrounded by light.

Where can the 2024 solar eclipse be seen?

However, less than a year later, Mexico will have the opportunity to witness a total solar eclipse. The Moon will completely block the front face of the Sun for a few minutes. and everything will be dark, just as if it were night. In these cases, only the corona of the Sun and a thin halo around the Moon are visible.

According to NASA data, on October 8, 2024 cities such as Mazatlan, Durango and Torreon will be able to see 100% of the eclipse, while in Guadalajara and Monterey 95% will experience it.

(With information from Regina Diez GutiƩrrez)

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