Mexicans dress up as Arabs to scare away Argentines in Qatar 2022

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A man named Alfonso Pérez Figueroa shared several videos showing how, along with other Mexicans, they disguised themselves as Qataris to play pranks on Argentine fans while they are in Qatar.

It was on November 22 when he shared a first video in which they walk towards a group of fans of the albiceleste to indicate with an Arabic accent that they cannot play their drums, people stop and in English they respond: “sorry, sorry”, then those from Mexico reveal their identity: “nothing else we Mexicans can do”.

The comment reassured the Argentines who began to laugh and one of them began to play his drum.

In a second video, the Mexican pranksters approached a group that was preparing to take a picture and told them: “no photo”, immediately the Argentines stood up, nervous, and repeated: “no photos”.

Again the false Arabs revealed: “only the Mexicans” and laughed at their victims.

In another recording they do the same, asking the fans of the albiceleste not to take pictures, but they are quickly told: “don’t believe it, we are from Mexico.”

His jokes have generated comments such as: “Mexico is a mess”, “I’m Argentine, but how can I not love Mexicans”, “we didn’t win but how about we trolled”, “I’m Argentine and I laughed, yes it was good”, “keep on making those jokes, especially to Latinos who are so relaxed”, “Mexico is going to make the World Cup more fun”, “someone else saw how afraid the woman got up”, “I congratulate you for being so happy. Greetings from Chile”.


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