Mexican team suffers although it no longer plays, now it is surpassed by the US in the FIFA ranking

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The Mexican National Team will start 2023 below the United States in the FIFA ranking. (Photo: David S. Bustamante/Soccrates/Getty Images)

Rains, it pours. The Mexican team It was disastrous at the World Cup. Qatar 2022 And the havoc keeps coming. She did not stay in elimination and shame. Now also his inferiority was transferred to the FIFA ranking, the Tri fell short of its bitter rival, the United States.

Signing one of the worst World Cups in history brought harsh consequences for the Mexican team; its players could not shine and delight the eyes of European scouts, for now; the credibility of the team became nil, and few trust them; And as if that were not enough, FIFA has already recognized that They are not the most important team in Concacaf.

In the most recent FIFA ranking, Mexico finished in position number 15a place to which they have been accustomed, far and near the top 10. For its part, the United States finished, this month, two positions above the tri, on step number 13.

If there is something certain, it is that The United States was the best representative of Concacaf in the World Cup. While the Stars and Stripes were able to advance to the round of 16 and face the Netherlands, the Mexican team fell by the wayside and did not advance to the group stage. Yes, the Americans failed but at least they could try.

A sector of the Aztec fans was excited when the team “woke up” in the game against Saudi Arabia, they dreamed of competing against France. But drawing against Poland and losing against Argentina was his sentence.

Instead, the USA knew how to work their ticket to the knockout phase. They equalized at 1 goal against Wales; they withstood the onslaught of England and even dominated them at times, they drew a valuable tie; they finally beat Iran to seal their place as the second place in group B.

The United States did not advance;  to the fifth game but at least he arrivedó  to the room.  Photo: John Todd/ISI Photos/Getty Images)

The United States did not advance to Game 5 but at least made it to Game 4. Photo: John Todd/ISI Photos/Getty Images)

There is no subjectivity in the listing. The highest governing body does not take into account the opinion of experts, the mood or the state of players, it only uses the results and statistical situations.

The SUM method is the one used by FIFA. It is based on adding or subtracting the points won or lost in a match from the total points that were held up to the time of the game.

Units are determined, in part, by the relative potential of the two contenders; that is, beating a better positioned team will add more points than doing it against another that has a worse position in the ranking.

So much so that not even Argentina, which is World Champion, was placed in first place. That place still belongs to Brazil, although they were knocked out in the quarterfinals by Croatia.


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