Mexican shows how much money he saved for two years to go to Qatar 2022

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On October 9, 2021, a man named Jorge Aguilar shared a video on his TikTok account in which he showed that he was filling a container with $5 and $10 pesos coins to go to Qatar 2022 and wrote: “come back in November 2022 to see if I filled it out”. The date arrived and she already revealed how much money she raised.

It was on October 31 when he published a video in which he showed how he began to empty the coins on a bed and pointed out: “in fifteen days the trip begins and I already had to take it to the bank.”

“We couldn’t get the coins out of the pot, so we decided to cut it,” he narrated and then added: “I’ve been saving for two years and today I’ll know how much I’ve collected.” In another recording he indicated that he began separating the $5 and $10 coins so he could count them and then arranged them in towers of 10 coins to make accounting easier.

“$17,900 pesos in $10 coins and $14,320 in $5 pesos coins were collected. In total it was $32,220 pesos,” said Jorge Aguilar.

In previous publications, the man had already explained that he had paid for the flights, lodging and tickets for the matches, so that money would be to spend while he is in Qatar.

In March, he shared that he was waiting at dawn to be able to buy tickets for the matches, and then he said that he got for the games of Argentina Vs. Saudi Arabia, Brazil Vs. Serbia, Brazil Vs. Switzerland, Poland Vs. Saudi Arabia, Spain Vs. Germany and Croatia vs. Belgium.

He also said that since he bought them before the FIFA draw, he could not choose the matches of the Mexican team, so he was waiting for more tickets to be released so he could have one.

In September, Jorge Aguilar also showed that the Hayya card had already arrived, which is issued by Qatar and is used to enter the state and the stadiums, in addition to the fact that to process it, it is necessary to have an accommodation reservation.

It will be on November 20 when the Qatar 2022 World Cup starts with Qatar’s match against Ecuador. Two days later, on the 22nd, the Mexican team will have its first match against their counterparts in Poland.


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