Mexican Revolution will have School of Medicine

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  • The Benito Juárez Welfare University will start classes on January 6

Villacorzo, Chiapas.- During her visit to the ejido Revolución Mexicana, the coordinator of the Universities for Benito Juárez Welfare (UBBJ), Raquel Sosa Elízaga, announced that classes will begin on January 6, 2023, after an informative assembly the town proposed that the career offered be medicine.
Giving the words of welcome, the municipal president, Robertony Orozco Aguilar, thanked the head of Universities for Welfare, Benito Juárez, for bringing good news to the municipality and congratulated the people of the Mexican Revolution because that long-awaited dream has finally come true. will come true and that is thanks to the will of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.
“It is a pleasure for me to welcome you, you brought a lot of joy to the municipality and very especially to the Mexican Revolution because the Benito Juárez University is one of the public universities that brings the best benefit and that fits in our area,” he said. the mayor
“I am very pleased that it has been my turn to be in charge of this municipality to see the entire process of how the construction of this university will be carried out, which will undoubtedly be very popular due to the benefits it brings with scholarships for students. , where they don’t have to spend a single peso”, said the mayor.
Once again, Robertony Orozco, reaffirmed the one hundred percent commitment to support in everything that is necessary, mainly with the purchase of land for the construction of this work that is so important for the people of Villa Corsica, since it will provide young people with opportunities for growth. personal and professional.
Along the same lines, Joaquín Saldaña Castillejos delivered a document to the coordinator of the Universities for Benito Juárez Welfare, where he offered the facilities of the Ignacio Manuel Altamirano Federal Secondary School, for the start of classes while the facilities of the new university, because, just as it is good to ask, it is also good to collaborate, he said.
In her message, Raquel Sosa highlighted that of the 200 “Benito Juárez García” Universities for Welfare promoted by President López Obrador, 124 will be for medicine due to the shortage of doctors that our country has and these are already authorized by the SEP and the Health Secretary.
We are carrying out an act of justice because it has to do with the school being what our revolutionaries of the last century imagined: public, free, without conditions, and that it be at the service of the community.
He said that in each medical university a clinic will also be built for the attention of the community and so that the students from the first year of the degree are already practicing in the clinics and do not wait until the end of the degree.
He added that the call for professors who want to participate in this university will be opened on September 1, the date they can register on the platform.
In the same way, students who want to enter the university Sede Revolución Mexicana must register from November 20 to December 10, because classes begin on January 6, 2023. Everything will be completely free and everyone will have a scholarship. said.
In this important assembly, the delegate of the Welfare Programs was also present, as well as the deputy Marcelo Toledo Cruz and the ejidal commissioner Gabriel Pérez Ventura.