Mexican churros “conquer” Peru; diners give their verdict

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  • A survey conducted by Euromonitor reveals that 90 percent of Mexicans consume flour churros.

  • According to the National Chamber of the Bakery Industry (CANAINPA), consumption per capita annual bread flour is 33.5 kg.

  • Today, TikTok and Instagram are the social networks where the influencer marketing generates higher income.

Through social networks, a group of young people from Peru tried the already traditional “Mexican churros”, deciding to share their experience with a video posted on TikTok.

Although it is true that the origin of the traditional churro is not exactly known, reality dictates that, for years, it has been one of the most consumed sweet products in Mexico, which, for years, has been made from flour.

A study carried out by Euromonitor International90 percent of Mexicans consume these “frying pan fruits”, which would be the name with which the Spanish baptized churros when they arrived in Mexico.

Starting from this premise, it cannot be forgotten that, according to what is reported by the National Chamber of the Baking Industry (CANAINPA)consumption per capita annual bread flour is 33.5 kg, of which between 70 and 75 percent corresponds to white bread, and the remaining 30 to 25 percent, sweet bread, cookies and cakes.

Even white bread and box bread are part of the basic basket of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI).

“Mexican churros” arrive in Peru and this is what diners think

An example of how Mexican churros have positioned themselves in the taste of consumers from various parts of the world can be seen in the video of a tiktoker from Peru, who, meeting with a small group of young people, shares his experience of trying said churros. saucer.


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? Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Today, we know that social networks are the means by which new generations manage to connect with what is happening around the world.

Today, thanks to the promotion of social networks, it is possible to learn about habits and customs of other regions, all through a small screen that, in fact, has become an extremely powerful commercial showcase for brands.

In this context, a recent report by The State of Influencer Marketing 2021 reveals that both Instagram and TikTok are currently the social networks where the influencer marketing generated higher income.

Taking this as a point of reference, it is clear that platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and, today, TikTok, represent an important opportunity for brands in order to reach a new audience that, day by day, increases their participation on the stage. digital.

A few weeks ago, a content creator challenged a young foreigner to try the popular “tonayan”, a drink known for “blinding” those who consume it and, mainly, for being very cheap.

Through a kind of game in which he lost, the young woman who said she was from Germany was forced to try this drink for the first time and, from the outset, his first reaction was to ask if it was “oil”. When trying it, she only limited herself to responding “it’s not delicious, but it’s not bad”.


Great courage, I really could not ? #cancun #challenge

? Sneaky Snitch – Kevin MacLeod

Usually, this type of content tends to go viral in a matter of seconds, since, for Internet users, it is curious to see how foreigners experience a bit of the habits and customs, in this case, of Mexicans.

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