Melenie is moved with a video of when she was a child singing with Alicia Villarreal

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Melenie is moved with a video of when she was a child singing with Alicia Villarreal
Alicia Villarreal’s daughter moved with video. Photo: Darkroom

Melenie Carmona Villarreal, daughter of Alicia Villarreal and Arturo Carmonatouched his followers after sharing a video where he is seen on stage from his early life.

The young woman who, apparently, will follow in the footsteps of her successful mother, who gained fame thanks to the group Limitthanked, with the emotional video, Alice Villarreal for being the example to follow.

“From little to big, you have always been my role model. I adore you, mommy.”

Melenie Carmona Villarreal

As it was expected, Alice Villarrealwho has been the butt of hilarious pranks by his daughteralso showed him in words the affection that has him

“Love you”,

Wrote Alicia Villarreal

However, not only the interpreter of “You take advantage” and “Me without your love”, among other musical hits, reacted to the tender video of his daughter, as dozens of followers also did so with a message of support for the new promise of the music.

“I had the joy of seeing you live in the 2 videos and in the same way I was very moved”, “You sing very well, and little by little you will get to do much better than you already do”, “You are the exact replica of your Mommy, just as pretty, enjoy it a lot”, “What a thrill to see them sing together”, “I even get goosebumps from seeing and listening to them together”, are part of the comments that can be read in the publication of the famous who has surprised for singing very similar to his famous mom.

The debut of Melenie Carmona, the daughter of Alicia Villarreal

It was at the beginning of December when, before thousands of attendees, Melenie Carmona She debuted as a singer in the Fundidora Park in Monterrey, Nuevo León, accompanied by her mother, Alicia Villarreal.

Through social networks, videos of the interpretation of Alicia Villarreal’s eldest daughter singing the song began to circulate “You take advantage”. Among the videos that stood out is that of the proud father, who wished him the best in this facet of the young woman’s life.

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