Meghan Markle accused of wearing a hidden symbol on her shoes after bowing to Elizabeth II

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Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, is one of the figures that most polarizes society britishdespite trying to keep a low profile.

British media and from around the world observe every gesture and detail of his outfit.

It should be noted that Meghan Markle and the prince Harry They are the members of the royal family that have generated the most unknowns and interest in their return to the United Kingdom after their statements against the members of the Windsor house.

Such is the bullying that a few days ago, a source close to her already had to deny that a wrinkle in her dress was evidence that she was hiding a microphone to record a documentary for Netflix.

What are Meghan Markle’s shoes hiding?

Now, a detail on the sole of Markle’s shoes is leading to all kinds of theoriestwo letters marked on the sole of the shoes of the former actress.

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The logo marked on the shoes of Meghan Markle was evidenced when the duchess made a deep bow before the remains of Elizabeth II, her husband’s grandmother.

According to the British newspaper The Mirror, the letters are the letters P and A, the brand of shoes.

The symbol Hidden in Meghan Markle’s shoes is the signature of designer Paul Andrew, who is a fashion creator from Berkshire, whose shoes are sold in New York.

Although everything was cleared up, some are accusing Markle of bowing so sharply to show the brand of the shoes clearly and, thus, charge for that advertising.