Mega Millions has a giant prize of 25.6 billion pesos

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The Lottery
It is fourth largest jackpot of all time.

A series of rollovers have awarded the lottery jackpot Mega Millions the world’s largest current jackpot title with a total of 25.6 billion pesosthe second largest Mega Millions jackpot and the fourth largest lottery jackpot of all time.

The giant prize of 1.35 billion dollarswhich is equivalent to more 25.6 billion pesos will be drawn on Friday in the Mega Millions lottery.

Now it’s all in the hands of this epic draw Friday the 13thwhich is generally considered an unlucky day, but people all over the world are wondering what this coincidence will mean for the incredible jackpot in the lottery.

Surprisingly, the day considered unlucky has actually been quite lucky for Mega Millions draws in the past, with no less than 6 jackpots won on Friday the 13th.

Whether or not some player is lucky enough to win it, which is clear is that this next raffle will be one of the biggest in history of the lottery and luckily, anyone in Mexico can join in on the fun by purchasing their tickets online with TheLotterthe world’s leading online lottery buying service.

It is estimated that ticket sales will grow big for this Friday’s draw, which is why Mexicans are advised to place their orders early to ensure they have the best chance to beat the odds and win the jackpot.

Play Mega Millions in 4 steps with official tickets:

  1. Open a free account at TheLotter.
  2. Go to the lottery page Mega Millions.
  3. Choose five main numbers and one additional number. You can use your lucky numbers or click the Random button to have your numbers generated automatically.
  4. Confirm your purchase at the bottom of the screen.

Once the purchase is confirmed, the local office in the United States will purchase the official ticket of the Mega Millions on your behalf and send a scanned copy to your account as part of the “View Your Ticket” service. In addition, when you win you will be notified by email or SMS and you will enjoy your prizes in full, 100% commission free.

prize claim

If a Mexican won the pot, TheLotter will help you claim the prize personally. If you win a secondary prize less than 200 thousand dollarsall the money will be transferred directly and automatically to your personal account.

About TheLotter

TheLotter is a regulated company in the European Union and has been leading the online lottery industry since 2002, thanks to an impeccable reputation and professional customer service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The more than $110 million paid out to more than 7 million winners from around the world only further endorses the long and honorable history of the company.

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The next draw for Mega Millions the friday january 13but this prize of 1.35 billion It won’t be available for much longer. Once the jackpot falls, it could be a long time before another opportunity to win over a billion dollars presents itself, so don’t miss your chance to enter this Friday’s drawing.

Visited TheLotter now to play.

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