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some days this purpose is notlet’s put asidewe asked a coachwhat can we do.don’t try too hard, andbasic exercises, andlater with a routinegood to continue, it is important andnot to let him take afriend, someone who motivates you.exercising is one of thecommon purposes amongthe people, that’s why coach wegives options to work fromHouse.>> if you like a class ofdance, swimming, let it be donesomething that you like and that isnear your house, because iflaziness is far away, the weatherand the traffic…we ended up abandoning it.we already changed and reallywe wanted to see how people inhome can do something practical.>> these leagues can beget in any storefrom sports juan inea, they areeconomical, they do not exceed 5 $.>> if you pull upyou start working as onedumbbell.we put the right arm andWe just go up and downif you realize now we areworking the ticeps.√≠ctor: some coachrecommend the bottles ofWater.>> even a pillow won’t doTo do exercise.√≠ctor: for something you canstart, a little cardio isrecommended for the body.>> it could be walking, taking uswalk to the park, the idea ofthis is moving, start smalllittle by little with real exercises,think of exercise as

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