Meet the young “blonde and very handsome” with whom Shakira has been seen in recent days

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Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Shakira

Now what Shakira is a single womanMany wonder when the Colombian singer will find a new love. And although since she announced her separation from Gerard Piqué There has been no confirmation of any other relationship, many are talking about the “blonde and very handsome” young man with whom she has been seen in recent days.

The artist was recently seen leaving Barcelona with her children, and although many suspected that they were making their way to Miami, the city where they will soon live, the truth is that the family was heading to Cantabria, the same place where they had been so many times. with Pique.

Until there the paparazzi followed her Jordi Martinwho follows in the singer’s footsteps, and who observed her together with the young man who would be her surf coach, with whom Shakira maintains a very close relationship.

Grosby Group Shakira with her surf teacher in June 2022

Grosby Group Shakira with her surf teacher in June 2022

Martin counted in the program The fat and the skinny that this was “a very hermetic journey that they took in a very private way from their environment”.

“Calm and relaxed, that’s how I found Shakira on the beaches of Cantabriain the place where she usually practices her favorite sport and in the same house where she stayed on vacation with Gerard Piqué”, she said.

He also insisted that “Shakira was accompanied by a young, blond and very handsome man.”

It is about “the Colombian surf instructor. The same one with whom we caught her practicing that sport last June and giving each other a few complicit glances that to a good understanding, a good photo is enough.”

“This time, it was clear that Shakira and her coach get along great. He always watches over her at all times, helping her with the suit, holding her hand and even at one point, she clings to him so as not to fall. The young instructor also took his time to photograph Shakira with her children, showing that he gets along not only with the singer, but also with her children and her friends,” he said.

“By the way, outside of the sea and surf lessons, The young man also sneaks into Shakira’s house as a guest, perhaps to give her classes on the mainland and at all times,” added Martin.

However, this is not the first time that Shakira has been seen with her surf teacher. The interpreter of “I congratulate you and” Waka Waka “was also practicing this sport in a getaway that she had in July together with her children, after announcing her separation from the soccer player.

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