Meet the beautiful sister of Christian Nodal who is driving the networks crazy

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It is public knowledge that Christian Nodal has two younger brothers Amely Y Jaime Alonso. What few know is that the young woman is captivating everyone with her beauty; She has even been compared to other celebrities. The girl has hinted that she likes fashion, traveling, spending time with her friends and, apparently, she has been in a romantic relationship for a long time.

Amely has always been very hermetic when it comes to her private life; Even though her Instagram account is public, she is not usually active; on the contrary, she rarely posts the odd image. Curiously, that has not prevented her from already having 313,000 followers, who do not hesitate to fill her with compliments every time she is present on this social network.

“Beautiful I love you”; “How precious”; “Pure doll. Super cute”; “You are all a beautiful, pretty and pretty little princess”; “She’s pretty; one of those pretty ones that don’t need mirrors!”; “How beautiful; like father, like son”; “Always so divine Amely!”; “Wow. Ella Your beauty is real, how beautiful”, and “The most beautiful”, are some of the comments that are read in the only publication that has activated the messages.

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So far, the singer’s younger sister has only nine publications and in her profile she refers to a link where a white dog appears that appears to be her pet. “We must teach our daughters that if they express what they think, they can create the world they want to see,” said their mother. Cristina Nodal when the young woman turned 20 years old.

For his part, Christian Nodal has been very reserved to talk about Amely, who, unlike Jaime Alonso, has not revealed if he is interested in dedicating himself to the world of music. It is only known that they are very close. We will have to wait if in the future he gives more details about his professional interests.

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