Medicine graduate obtains the Pfizer National Award for Academic Excellence 2022

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For his academic achievements and an outstanding school career, Karen Jazmin Morales Cazarezgraduated from the Bachelor of General Medicine, program attached to the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa (UAS), was awarded the Pfizer Award for Academic Excellence in Medicine 2022.

The student of the 2015-2020 generation, shared feeling proud of such a distinction granted by the Pfizer Scientific Institute and the Mexican Association of Faculties and Schools of Medicine (AMFEM), to the best medical students in the country.

“I feel very proud to represent our Alma Mater, which is the Autonomous University of Sinaloa, the truth is that I did not expect it, but I think it is the result of five years of dedication and effort that I kept constant,” she said.

He indicated that both public and private institutions from all over Mexico participate in said call, which are in charge of nominating their most outstanding students, in this case, he said, the faculty nominated two students, being Morales Cázarez who, thanks to his career university, was selected by the Pfizer Institute.

“It is also a great responsibility because I am just beginning my career, it is like the beginning and the turning point of what awaits me later and I also hope to serve as an example for my colleagues”, external.

The doctor, who in the next few days will choose the area of ​​specialization, mentioned that the award ceremony was held virtually where both the president of the Pfizer Institute and the president of the Mexican Association of Physicians in Training were present, an event in which around 90 medical students from the country were recognized.

Likewise, he commented that the highest house of studies also presented him with a recognition within the framework of Doctor’s Day, distinctions that he pointed out, “it will be very useful throughout my university career, as a doctor it matters a lot in the curriculum, It will open many doors for me later on and apart from that, symbolically, I feel very proud of it”.

For his part, Luis Alberto González García, director of the Faculty of Medicine, explained that these results are proof of the position and recognition that Casa Rosalina has, which works hard on continuous improvement, on raising educational quality standards, on evaluation and accreditation of academic programs, and in providing all young people with the tools to enhance their development.

“It is a huge commitment that we have both as the Autonomous University of Sinaloa and as the Faculty of Medicine because this makes us see that our work is important, relevant and that we impact the quality of life of our students by giving them our work, with our effort the possibilities that they can carry out their career and their life with all their potential”, he expressed.

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