Medical check-up: benefits and recommendations to do it

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Medical check
A medical check-up can save your life. | Photo: Shutterstock.

Start this 2023 enjoying good health and foreseeing diseases on time, so it is best to make checkups doctors. Here we tell you What are the benefits of doing them and what recommendations areguir.

Why do medical checkups?

The medical checkups allow detecting possible health vulnerabilities and the treatments to follow, since with them it is possible to diagnose diseases on time and have economic savings in the long term, points out the Consumer Magazine of the Federal Consumer Attorney (Profeco).

Benefits of performing a medical review

Among the many benefits to Health who has to make a medical check periodically they are:

  • Reduce the risk of disease.
  • Detect health conditions or deadly diseases early.
  • Increase the chances of treatment and cure.
  • Limit the risk of complications.
  • Increase life expectancy and improve health.
  • Reduce health care costs by avoiding medical services that could affect your economy.

How often do you have a medical checkup?

The frequency with which a health check It can be annual or biannual, however, it all depends on the recommendation of a health professional, who will determine the necessary time to do it based on:

  • medical criteria
  • Age
  • Medical history
  • Risk factor’s
  • Current state of health

Recommendations when performing a medical check-up

The prophecy suggests keeping four essential points in mind when carrying out a medical check:

  1. Consult a professional doctor who determines the type of studies that each person needs.
  2. Dedicate the necessary time to carry out the required studies
  3. Find out about each procedure, the type of study, indications and possible side effects.
  4. Notify if you have any disease, prior to conducting the studies.

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