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The recognition and reputation of the use of the medical cannabishas been drawing the attention of users and even the body doctor.

According to Colombian Observatory of the Cannabis Industry (Ocic) in alliance with Sociometric, Asocalcanna and Jaime Arteaga and Associatesit was estimated that seven out of 10 patients (68.8%) have consulted their doctor about the use of medicinal cannabis.

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And although the interests are not only referred to the use, but also to its usefulness, 86% of the doctors believe that the cannabinoids are useful for the treatment of cancer associated with pain chronic intense.

Additionally, 85% consider that it can contribute to the intractable pain and 82% affirm that these would help patients with diseases terminals.

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Among the aspects to be highlighted, 92.1% of the medical respondent indicated that there must be a clear and standardized protocol among health service providers when formulating or prescribing medical cannabis.

Similarly, 74% of physicians agree that the medical cannabis it is a legitimate medical therapy.

On the other hand, 74% also believe that health service providers should offer medical cannabis for the management of medical conditions, while 70.1% believe that this type of medicine contribute to treatments and therapies.

Additionally, 71.1% state that medical cannabis can effectively treat the symptoms associated with medical conditions.

Faced with the formulation of this type of medicine, 71.7% of those surveyed stated that they had not done so throughout their careerwhile 28% claim to have done so.

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Taking into account the doctors who claimed to have performed the formulation39.6% belong to the specialty of psychiatry and related, 28.1% were pharmacology, toxicology and epidemiology, 26.%2% were general medicine physicians and family and 15.8% surgery, anesthesiology, intensive and palliative care. 25.7% indicated that they were from other specialties.

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Another topic to be discussed in the report is the use doctor of the dry flower of cannabis.

Regarding this matter, 73.4% of those surveyed indicated that they agreed with its use, while 11.2% said they did not. However, 15.5% answered that they do not know or do not answer this question.



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