MasterChef winner opened her restaurant, but they closed it because this was doing with waste

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Within the world of reality shows, there is a competition between chefs who aspire to stand out and achieve fame in the world of gastronomy, we are talking about MasterChef, where the participants must overcome different challenges in which a jury will evaluate who is the best among the candidates.

Currently, the new season of this competition is taking place, but in its version for celebrities, that is, Master Chef Celebrity, where week after week the public is seeing some of their favorite personalities come out one by one. Recently, this kitchen was focused on traditional Mexican cuisine, where celebrities had to say goodbye to technology and virtually any applianceafter the enormous challenge, the contestant who was eliminated Carlos Eduardo Rico.

It is known that after participating in this culinary competition, the people who are winners undoubtedly get enormous recognition within the gastronomic world, so opening a restaurant is a perfect plan and with a guarantee of reputation, this is precisely the case. of one former winner who decided to start his own business in the food industry.

Former winner opens restaurant and it is closed

It is known that in August 2019, the winner of the third season of master chef Mexico opened “Honorina, the great flavor of Tlaxcala”, with which he fulfilled his dream of cooking in his hometown and being able to share his seasoning with local diners or tourists who visit the place, where he offered a number of regional dishes.

Despite the fact that Honorina’s success was on the rise and she even had an Instagram page for her restaurant, which already had more than 2,000 followers, the truth is that The MasterChef Mexico participant has now seen her success decline this because he is accused of being dirty.

This after the City Council of the capital Tlaxcala closed the place after the MasterChef winner was evidenced through social networks and various media, while throwing waste from her restaurant into the Zahuapan River tributary, for which the authorities in Tlaxcala decided to close her food establishment.

This happened last July 2021, when the authorities went to her restaurant to close it down because she was denounced as a person of poor environmental ethics because the waste from her restaurant polluted the Zahuapan River.



“MasterChef Celebrity”: Carlos Eduardo Rico is eliminated from the reality show


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