Massive ‘GTA 6’ Leak, Over 90 Clips, Images and Code Leaked From Upcoming Rockstar Games Title

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‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ has been filtered and it is not a small thing what was published. A Latin protagonist, a white supremacist protagonist and a city that we already knew is what apparently reveals more than 3GB of leaked material.

The images, videos Y lines of code were hacked and released by the alleged user “teaportuberhacker” from the GTAForums, and until the publication of this news the material is still online.

Here are 90 Images/Clips from GTA 6. More GTA 5 and 6 data, source code and assets, as well as a test version of GTA 6, will likely leak soon.

In case anyone had doubts, the same jason schreier of Bloomberg has confirmed that the leak is real and on top of that it’s one of the biggest leaks in gaming history and a nightmare for Rockstar.

This content indicates that ‘GTA 6’ has been in development since at least 2019while the “stolen” folder is marked with the year 2021.

One of the big reveals it is the return to Vice City, the iconic city from the ‘GTA’ title of the same name and which is inspired by Miami. In addition, the dialogues that accompany some of the images show that the protagonist is called Lucía. It is unknown if Vice City will be the only city in which ‘GTA 6’ will take place and as well as the release date of this title.

Most of the rumors that have been circulating seem to be true and despite the fact that we do not know exactly the state of development in which the video game is, the possibility of it being released in 2024 was being considered due to growth estimates that Rockstar itself predicted for that year.

Be that as it may, Rockstar Games has not stated anything in response to this huge leak.the worst in its history, which has ruined the surprise of revealing ‘Grand Theft Auto 6’, on any given Sunday.