Massive crash in Ohio due to winter storm in the US- Uno TV

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About 50 vehicles crashed on an Ohio freeway, killing one person, injuring others and disrupting traffic near Sandusky.
Massive crash in Ohio due to winter storm in the US. Photo: Reuters

The massive crash of about 50 vehicles on the Ohio Turnpike caused the death of four people and several people were injured. The multiple collision disrupted vehicular traffic near sanduskydue to a severe winter storm that affects several cities in the United States (USA).

Extremely low temperatures caused The roads in this state will be frozen. Sargeant Ryan Purple indicated that the wounded were transferred to various shelters. Also in Ohio four people died in storm-related accidents, the governor said Mike DeWine.

The ohio highway patrol reported that multiple accidents occurred to the east, causing the highway to be closed in both directions and diverting traffic to multiple exits. He warned drivers that snow flurries caused by the winter storm It has reduced visibility on the roads.

Roads affected by winter storm in several states

Ohio is among the top 10 states with power outages with at least 66,500 customers without service, damage to highways and delays in commercial air trafficderived from an arctic cold combined with a “bomb cyclone” of heavy winter snowfall from the Great Lakes region to the valleys of the Upper Mississippi.

The city of Buffalo and its surrounding county on the edge of Lake Erie in western New York imposed a ban on driving on the winter storm. The three border bridges in the area of Buffalo they were closed to incoming vehicular traffic from Canada due to freezing weather.

Add 17 dead by “bomb cyclone” in the United States

The strong winter storm hitting the United States with heavy snowfall and polar winds It has already caused at least 17 deaths in eight statesBesides that thousands of travelers were stranded by canceled flights hours before Christmas Y more than a million homes were left without electricity.

Hundreds of people were trapped in their vehicles. by winter stormincluding those who tried to leave late last night, said mark poloncarzErie County Administrator, who added that two people died of medical problems because they could not be rescued.

The ice on the roads also caused the closure of major routes, including the cross-country Interstate 70, of which sections were closed in Colorado and Kansas.

It is forecast that This Saturday, December 24, winter temperatures drop to minus 13 degrees Celsius in Pittsburghsurpassing its previous all-time Christmas Eve high set in 1983, the National Weather Service (NWS) said.

It was also expected that the cities of Georgia Y South Carolina (Athens and Charleston) record the winter temperatures colder on Christmas Eve, while it is forecast that Washington, D.C.will experience the coldest December 24 since 1989.

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