Martinoli criticized after telling a raw story recommended by TV AztecaMediotiempo

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They did not have to spend many days in this 2023 so that Christian Martinoli became a trend on social networks. And although it usually goes viral due to her comments or detractors, this time it was for one of her cousins.

A video of the TV Azteca chronicler has become very relevant in recent days, since the Twitter user, @Pau_Mttl, uploaded a fragment of the interview ‘People saying important things’, where she tells an anecdote about one of her relatives who wanted to work in the same company as him.

My mom asked me to help someone; she was a cousin of these that ‘do you remember your aunt so-and-so?’ So what do you tell your mom? Yes, boss. I didn’t know who she was, I never saw her. ‘Hey, look, she wants to work and if you give her a chance’ “.

The chronicler revealed that when he finished speaking with his mother, he approached the people in charge of hiring in the sports area of ​​the television station, requesting that they give their cousin a chance.

“I told her: ‘Hey, Fabiola, I never ask for this, I’m very sorry, but my boss asked me, and my boss never asks me for anything. There is this girl who is my cousin, I have seen her once more than you, I mean, I’m going to see her before you do. I’m going to see her, we’re going to say hello, she’s going to tell me: ‘Oh my aunt chunche greets you’… oh yes, little mother, I don’t even know who she is, she’s The truth is, I’m so focused on my work that no, I disconnected from the world'”, he commented.

What happened to your cousin?

Christian Martinoli revealed that His relative’s expectations were high and he already saw himself in front of a camerabut these ended when they told him what he had to do in the company, so he ended up resigning and leaving the commentator in a bad light.

“This girl came dressed to go out in the picture in a spectacular way, very well. She told me that she already had some experience, that she had worked on certain local television stations, that this, that the other, that she had done infomercials, is perfect.

“Fabiola tells him: ‘Perfect, tomorrow you start working with us. You will not earn money, but you will work with us, you are going to enter the channel to work, we are going to register you and you are going to work; nothing but tomorrow bring some pants, lighter clothes and bring some sneakers, because you are going to start running, because you have to bring a lot of cassette stuff and things like that,'” she pointed out.

It was then that her cousin commented to her: “I already worked on this in the other one and they already paid me, so the truth is I’m not like going backwards right now.”

The story was finished by Martinoli Curi revealing the talk he had with his mother: “I spoke to my mother and told her: ‘Mother, excuse me, it’s the last fucking time you bring someone to me for me to recommend, it’s the last time,'” he concluded.

Check part of the interview

Why was it a trend?

After the publication, countless criticisms rained down on the TV Azteca chronicler, since according to many was normalizing labor exploitationbecause he agreed that his family member had to do work without receiving any kind of pay.

Although there were also those who defended it, pointing out that these generations do not want everything easy and do not want to try too hard.


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