Mario Filio buys an oven on Amazon and they deliver it “from a movie”

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  • Mario Filio is one of the best known personalities in the entertainment market.

  • Amazon has become an interesting e-commerce market, for opening its channel even to entrepreneurship in marketplace that users take advantage of.

  • As in the case of Mario Filio with Amazon, Mercado Libre has reported the bad practices that occur on its site Web.

A “film purchase” was the one he denounced Mario Filiowhen the voice actor explained on his verified account of Twitterwhat he received from Amazonwhen trying to buy an oven.

The complaint for the purchase is a reference to how valuable electronic commerce is today, where the Statista Digital Market Insights counted that by 2023, 52 percent of the population in Mexico will be buying online.

“Mexico is one of the main e-commerce markets in Latin America- In 2022, it was estimated that more than 48 percent of the Mexican population purchased goods or services online. Only three years earlier, in 2019, the percentage of digital buyers in the North American country did not exceed 37 percent. It is estimated that this upward trend will continue in the coming years, close to 58 percent penetration in 2025”, explains the study.

A “movie” purchase

Mario Filio, famous dubbing actor, denounced on social networks the purchase of an oven Chefman only that the delivery was “from a movie”, because he ended up receiving a used product and in terrible condition.

The action denounced by the famous actor reveals in four images that he uploaded to his account Twitter (@mariofilio), the used look of the oven, which was still delivered wrapped in protective plastic, as if it were a new product.

When making his complaint, Filio received a verified response from Amazon, the platform responded as follows: “Hello! We are sorry about what happened with your order. Without sharing personal or account information through this medium, and to better assist you, could you please confirm if your order is sold by a third-party seller or by Amazon directly?

In response, the actor clarified that he bought the product from Amazon Commercial Services, which coincides with Amazon’s business name in Mexico, which has become an important benchmark for how important communication becomes in the market.

The clarification requested by the account is due to an interesting phenomenon that arose in electronic commerce, which has to do with native segments of these platforms and marketplace within these domains, where users who undertake the sale of products, in some cases have misused these means defrauding the consumer.

After the complaint made by Filio, the dubbing actor received all kinds of comments in his complaint from followers, “Let your voice rumble, to do justice,” wrote one of the followers alluding to the fact that he is a dubbing actor and has become popular in the media market thanks to his voice work.

Given this background, very important activities are defined in the electronic commerce market, where We have seen very interesting complaints in this regard, as happened with Mercado Libre.

The famous electronic commerce platform has come to report up to more than 500,000 complaints of piracy, which has established an interesting precedent of how important interaction becomes in this market, following protocols to guarantee good service on these platforms. .

Having said this, it is important to understand the capacity for consumption found in customer service and the ability to interact between brands and consumers, important references of what is consumed and the way in which it is currently acquired.

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