Marimar Vega denounces theft of a delivery man

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The actress denounced a robbery on social networks. Photo: Gettyimages / File

The actress Marimar Vega denounced, on social networks, that a delivery man who works for an application stole a package; The young actress assured that she used the app, they picked up her order and then canceled it.

  • In a story he shared on his Instagram account, Marimar Vega ensured that the company rappi It didn’t solve your problem.

“This morning I used the application of rappi for them to pick up a package, they picked it up and then canceled the order. Which means it was stolen from me! I have spent approximately 2 hours trying to get an answer and someone to explain to me where my package is and no one answers me or gives me a solution. Conclusion they robbed me. And they don’t take responsibility.”

  • Also, the actress shared testimonials from other users of the app that the same thing happened to them
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Until now, rappi has not reported on the robbery he suffered Marimar Vega by one of its distributors, nor have they published any message on their official Instagram social network.

  • The last post on Instagram of the app was yesterday, December 23, 2022, in their stories, they only reported the working hours of both December 24 and 25.

Marimar Vega gets married

In February of this year, Marimar Vega married Jerónimo Rodríguez, in Acapulco, Guerrero. The ceremony was intimate and some figures from the middle of the show attended, such as: Cecilia Ponce, Adriana Louvier and Rossana Najera.

  • Among his achievements are Adrian Uribewhich was one of the most notorious loves of the daughter of the late Gonzalo Vega, and although it was quite a media romance, the actress ended up with him to later date Luis Ernesto Franco, with whom she reached the altar in 2015.

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