Marie Kondo Leans On These 5 Things To Get Organized

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The theme of the organization is currently transcendental and it is that without a doubt the human being is evolving to achieve better spaces and for this the order and the planning of each one of the tasks, especially the daily ones and everything begins with the order of things; because a home neat, clean and organized It is synonymous with success, well-being and joy. Hence the supreme success that has been achieved marie condo with its techniques, rules and advice that have been able to make people achieve the long-awaited dream of enjoying a whole year under the healthy perspective of order domain and for this the author offers us countless options such as her famous basic guide to KonMari method.

In order to ensure that the 365 days of each year can be dominated by order, the famous writer and creator of the rules world’s most successful order and the organization relies on an excellent diversity of options that remain as allies The main reasons to keep clutter out of the home is that many times it is not enough to know the theoretical aspect only, but the use of gadgets, furniture or articles that may offer the ability to grant the Benefits of the order inside of House and throughout the year.

Tips for order to be present throughout the year

The programming and the beginning are 2 of the most valuable tips so that order can take over your spaces, the ideal is begin the most early possible and from there to establish the precise strategies that Marie Kondo exposes from the multiple tools available for you to achieve the best learning (books, netflix, interviews, basic guides, etc). Program, start and catalog so you can organize all your belongings at home, work, office and in any space that needs it.

Is organization It is carried out by categories and it is important that you can decide which belongings you will keep and which you will give away. With what you can advance to the next level and it is to know for sure how much space you need for him storage and thereby decide which will be the best strategy to be addressed, considering the amount of things to store and the space you have.

Thus marie condo maintains a close relationship with one of its partners and it is the retail stores The Container Store, who offer products that can definitely help you in this process and that are from the authorship of the Japanese, with an incredible range of options for the various spaces of the home.

5 organizational elements and trends that really work

Both solutions to maintain order within homes and in work offices are a couple of options that Kondo determines will continue to prosper and generate happiness during all the yearbut beyond this prediction, the Japanese writer and expert in the organization of spaces offers us her most outstanding recommendations in relation to the 5 essential items so that order can take over our spaces during the year and these are the 5 elements that in his opinion should not be missing so that you can manage an excellent level of organization.

1. Bamboo basket with lid and lining

A genius of help for the organization thanks to the collaboration between the famous store The Container Store and Marie Kondo and that is cataloged as one of the most used items and sales for the year 2021, an alternative capable of offering an effective response concerning the issue organizational of clothing and much more when it comes to homes where there are children.

bamboo lining lid toys

2. Bellroy Tidy Tech Kit

Organize and keep each of the cables and chargers that you use every day, this element works perfectly either for the office or for the home and is able to get everything in the right place.

workspaces home connections

3. Ixoq Boxi Woven Storage Basket

A basket which is primarily simple, minimalist and packed with versatility, crafted from plastic woven cord that enjoys being recyclable and that is perfectly made by Guatemalan artisans. According to Kondo it is one of the solutions ideals so that each item has a vital space within the home and perfect so that your blankets and children’s toys can enjoy being in perfect order.

store objects catalog multipurpose

4. Midori Lined Japanese Style Notebook

The theme of the Stationery could not be left out of this list of the 5 essentials and it is that it is a perfect element to organize time, a paper which stands out for its high quality and is made from wood pulp and filtered river water, which also uses thread joints. An innovative solution, ecological and that allows you to inspire and organize yourself in unison.

notes organization paper home

5. Komono Canvas Half Wall Organizer

A organizer that the genius of order places as one of the 5 most important elements for the order of spaces throughout the year and is that it maintains great popularity and a performance matchlessthanks to allowing a multifunctionality to organize and store any type of objects.

versatile multifunction durable folding finger

Starting and staying is one of the most wonderful considerations for the order is kept during the year in our spaces. In addition to the necessary help that these elements offer you and the indications that marie condo is capable of delivering from the various mechanisms available for it. Guidelines that generate order and therefore manage to achieve joy goal while you can organize yourself without losing track of the fun.

Try to look at the mechanism of obtaining the order without thinking that it is a simple fashion, the author considers that the order must imply a cleaning festival that can incorporate a constant practice into daily and everyday life so that in the end you can maintain it during all seasons, with the fervent purpose of maintaining high quotas of wellness and where the main effect is to provide happiness to life through highly organized, clean and organized.