Maribel Guardia: this is what she looked like when she was young

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Maribel Guardia Young Photos
Maribel Guardia began her career as a beauty queen. Photo: Cuartoscuro

MAribel Guard was born to shine and has been since he participated in a beauty contest. The actress who was born in Costa Rica She is an inspiration for many women for her healthy life and the spectacular figure she has at her feet. more than 60 years.

One of the most recent projects of the also singer and host is the telenovela “Corona de Lágrimas”, where share credits with Victoria Ruffo. Maribel Guardia It is also one of the sexiest grannies of the Mexican show business and this time we share photos of when I was young.

Maribel Guardia: her young photos

Maribel Guardia was crowned as Miss Costa Rica when I was 19 years old. In 1978 she represented her country in the beauty pageant miss Universe and there began his career backed by a career in theater, cinema, and TV.

The projection that the contest gave him opened the doors for him in Mexico. His first jobs on stage were in the theater and in the early 1980s he had his chances in the film cinemaace.

  • Maribel Guardia, a few decades ago

As for his work in movies, he shared credits with Andres Garcia and Sergio Goyri in “Pedro Navajas”. He also appeared in the tapes:

  • “Terror and black lace”
  • “Cabaret Woman”
  • “The rustler”

File film is a genre that flourished from the mid-1970s to the 1980s.

  • More of Maribel Guardia, young

About her work in these films, Maribel Guardia confessed that in the beginning she did not know that her colleagues were making fun of her (talking in double meanings) in the dialogues of the stories.

Maribel Guardia also shares photos of his youth alongside celebrities:

From his friendship with Olivia Collins…

In 1986, the actress participated for the first time in a soap opera and it was called “Seduction”.

This melodrama was followed with productions such as:

  • “You and I”
  • “Seraph”
  • “Friends and rivals”
  • “Crown of tears”
  • “Italian girl comes to get married”

Maribel Guardia has also been a star of musicals. In 2010, she was the protagonist of the classic “Adventuress” and in 2022 he continued in the theater with the play “Lagunilla my neighborhood”.

Maribel Guardia married in 1992 with Joan Sebastian. From the romance their son was born Julian Figueroa and the couple divorced in 1996; their relationship ended affected by a infidelity by the singer.

  • In 1996, Maribel and Joan were the leading couple of the telenovela “Tú y yo”

Maribel Guardia: this is what she looks like today

For both her fans and her peers, Maribel Guardia is an example to follow. The interpreter has almost close to 8 million followers on Instagram, the platform on which he shares shocking photos and his dedication to exercise.

On how she maintains her beauty, the actress once shared that she follows a low-calorie and low-sugar diet, in addition to her exercise routines.

Maribel Guardia became a grandmother in 2017. The actress also often shares photos with her little grandson José Julián.

In one of her confessions, the singer acknowledged that she does not like to be called “grandma”, instead, she does like how they call this member of the family in the United States, by saying “Grandma”, which for her is refers to “the great mom”.

Maribel Guardia is not short of work, in 2022 she had to give up the series ” Siempre Reinas “, which brought together Lorena Herrera, Sylvia Pasquel, Laura Zapata and Lucía Méndez because she had a commitment to a soap opera and a play.

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