Marcell Ozuna was arrested in Atlanta

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The Gwinnett County court confirmed that the Dominican baseball player was arrested and arrested early Friday for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol.

After multiple reports indicating that baseball player Marcell Ozuna could be in trouble again with the Atlanta police in the state of Georgia, the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the Dominican was arrested early Friday morning. According to reports verified by ESPN Digital, the Atlanta Braves player was arrested and later arrested for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol and recklessly.

Ozuna was arrested at approximately five in the morning this Friday, August 19, in Gwinnett County. It is not the first time that the Dominican has had problems with the Atlanta police, after he was arrested in 2021 after several police officers witnessed an episode of domestic violence against his wife, which after the publication of the video taken by a camera went viral.

This new situation with the police occurs less than 15 months after the episode described above and only eleven months after Ozuna entered a program to work on his behavior, in which he was placed by a court for six months of probation.

According to the report, the Dominican was released after leaving on bail (1,830 dollars) in the morning hours. ESPN Digital was able to verify the occurrence of the event, as well as the player’s arrest and his subsequent release.

Until now, Atlanta Braves He has not made any type of comment or publication regarding the situation.

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