Manuel Lapuente, the influence of Nacho Ambriz in the LiguillaMediotiempo

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Every coach has a character that has influenced his ideas to take the reins of a team and in that sense Ignatius Ambriz is no exception. The DT that has Toluca in a new Final, He has prepared this Liguilla according to what he learned as a player a few years ago.

Although the Mexican strategist took concepts from several coaches, there is one of which you have spoken with emphasis for the way he directed his teams to prioritize order before going on a rampage looking for goals. Is about Manuel Lapuentethe former coach of clubs like Necaxa and who led the National Team in the 98 World Cup in France.

Just at the press conference he gave after Toluca’s draw against América in the second leg Semifinal of this Apertura 2022, Ambriz mentioned that he had a coach very present who knew how to play Liguillas and important games.

“I had a coach who taught me how to win titles as a player. All this Liguilla has been in my head that coach. How did he do it, what did he ask for, what did he want and I think that today I can tell you that this part has helped me a lot”, said the coach in a conference.

I have managed the matches, we have been able to withstand the downpours that have been strong knowing that we were going to have the opportunity to score a goal (in the Azteca Stadium against America). If you are with me, seeing bulky markers is very complicated in a Liguilla except for exceptions that happened in this one. I focus on preparing the team well, knowing who I am playing against, try not to hurt me and how I can hurt him. Today things are going well, but with feet on the ground”.

Ambriz and a historic Necaxa

As a player, Ambriz is remembered for being part of that Necaxa midfield, which made history in the 90s when he played alongside Alberto Garcia Aspe and where he was part of a team that had elements like Ivo Basay and Efraín “Cuchillo” Herreraall under the baton of Lapuente.

I look for order in my teams, that order was taught to me by Lapuente and Aguirrethey are very organized coaches, the team hardly gets caught badly, I grew up in that formation, ”Ambriz told TUDN a couple of years ago, where he even explained the game system that he later applied in León and at times he looks with the Red Devils.

Gerardo Esquivel and I played together, and on the other side Aspe played, but they weren’t the classic wingers, the others came inside to get out from behind the contention and unburden our game. It is a formation that has dealt with and I saw Mr. Manuel Pellegrini in Spain at Villarrealand the truth is that it works very well, and it worked very well for Manuel Lapuente, for 25 years he already managed this system, and I have also used it with the León”.


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