Man bathes a snake as if it were a dog- Uno TV

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Man bathes snake like a dog
Man bathes snake as if it were a dog. Photo: Darkroom

Although it is common that humans bathe animalsthere is a case in social networks that has caused reactions of astonishment because of how dangerous it can be for the vast majority keep a snake as a pet With buckets of water, a young man went viral after being caught on video bathing his snake as if it were a dog.

In the video recording, you can see the moment in which the owner of this reptile He has introduced a bucket and a gourd with water, in what appears to be the bathroom of his house, to give his scaly friend a showerwho seems very serene, before he begins to receive water springs.

Snake bites bucket after receiving a bath

At the beginning of the video, this snakethat seems to be a dangerous cobrait is allowed to be touched without any difficulty by its owner, but as time goes by and it begins to receive several buckets of water, there is a moment when she tries to bite the gourd with which she is being drenched.

the account in Instagram @therealtarzannwhich has an average of 6.7 million followers and 1,528 posts, all related to videos of exotic or domestic animalsshared this short recording in which the young man take the head of the snake so as not to be bitten.

What did netizens write in the post?

Among the comments to this publication, which already has almost 182,000 likes, netizens have left several comments such as the following:

  • The inconspicuous snake acting like a dog
  • I can’t quite understand
  • Honestly, this is how I wash my snake, I don’t see the problem
  • That cobra is excited by bad timing
  • He must have pulled out his fangs or something.
  • Cool how it doesn’t try to bite it, instead it tries to bite the bucket

Although most are afraid of snakes because they usually attack if threatened, this video shows that it is possible to bathe them, without fear of suffering a poisonous bite. Would you dare to do it?

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