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1899 is the new Netflix phenomenon and the creators of Dark. It has just been released and is already involved in controversy over accusations of being plagiarized from a comic from a few years ago. However, everyone agrees that the story is engaging. If you haven’t started watching the series yet, we recommend that you first take a look at what we tell you below.

One of the great features of 1899 it’s his cast of characters. Each one from a different place and with a different language. And no, in the original version of the series it is not only in English, but each person speaks in their native language. Or even in several languages. This assumes that the original version is not (only) in English. And therefore you are missing out on a lot if you have the wrong language selected.

For many people, in the Netflix sound options, 1899 defaults to the English dub, which is not the original version. This is very device dependent or user preference, but if you’re using a device that defaults to selecting a language, it is quite likely that you are seeing 1899 with an English dubwhich we repeat, is not the original version.

Languages ​​play a key role in the 1899 plot

This shouldn’t be a problem with most content, but it is with 1899. As we told you before, the cast is polyglot. Both among themselves, as the characters themselves. So although most of the protagonists speak exclusively in English, others speak German, Polish, Spanish or Portuguese… and others alternate several languages ​​in the same conversation. There are parts that there are even three and four languages ​​at the same time in a dialogue.

And the multilanguages ​​are doubled in the version, worth redundancy, doubled. This creates very strange situations in which the characters who speak in other languages ​​are dubbed into English by different actors, but not those who speak only English. And it changes not only the tone of the series, but also the intensity of depending on what situations. It’s weird and it feels weird, especially those situations where the plot is that they speak different languages ​​and the characters don’t understand each other (language barriers are key in the series)

Therefore, our recommendation is that if you want to see the series in English, do not select the dubbed English version, but the original VO, which is multilanguage and is the only one that will allow you to understand some of the key situations of the seriesrelated to language barriers. A series that, in itself, is quite difficult to understand at first glance.

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