Madonna is shown lapping water from a dog bowl; watch video

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Madonna returned to raise the controversy in networks
Now what? Madonna and the video of her with a dog bowl | Photo: Getty Images

madonna uploaded a video to Instagram in which he can be seen licking water from a dog bowl and sparked controversy on social networks again. On the reel, the “Queen of pop” making erotic poses with various random and ordinary objects.

Why did Madonna lick water from a dog bowl?

The “Vogue” singer published a reel with multiple photos to the rhythm of the song “I Wanna Be Your Dog” by The Stooges and although some of the images evoked the controversial personality of madonnaIt was not until the end of the video that he appeared licking water from a dog bowl, alluding to the background theme.

The singer She appears dressed in a lime green knit sweater, a tight black long-sleeved T-shirt, white glasses, sequined shorts, and knee-high boots, initially riding a motorcycle, then posing in a pantry. of food.

The video took a quirky turn when madonna He begins striking compromising poses with objects like a bottle of mustard and a bottle of sriracha sauce. Everything ends with the alarming scene that caught the attention of users.

What did users say about this video?

Some even described the moment as “humiliating” Y “sultry”. “It’s getting more and more embarrassing. It’s not easy being your fan anymore. You were an icon, sadly, now without style,” read one comment.

Some even argued that the music producer also made the video as “a cry of desperation to stay young or relevant.” The image of the artist in front of a dogs plate It was just one more of his controversial appearances on social networks.

“None of this makes you think or is different.” You’ve lost touch. You used to be ahead of everyone else,” another person wrote. Notably madonna has been in the public eye constantly for antics in front of the camera.

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