“Luisito Comunica, the new Cruz Azul?”; country that supports Qatar loses

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  • It is estimated that just over 60,000 Mexicans are enjoying the World Cup in Qatar.

  • The Qatar 2022 World Cup has been characterized by the transitions made by digital creatives and influencers.

  • Within sectors such as entertainment and sports, superstitions play an important role in coexistence.

Without a doubt, the World Cup party has given a lot to talk about in recent weeks, because it is thanks to the results of the last matches that various teams, including the Mexican one, have been left out of the competition, a reason that has generated various reactions among, Well, for many, the participation of the nationals left much to be desired, while for others, it could also be attributed in some way to bad luck, because in networks in a comical way The community has designated Luisito Comunica as the saltiest in the Qatar World Cup Well, guess which country that has contributed the mexinao has lost the match.

According to what was indicated by Alfonso Zegbe, director of Strategy and Public Diplomacy of the Secretary of Foreign Relations, It is estimated that close to 60,000 Mexicans have found themselves enjoying the moments that the World Cup offers in Qatar, figure that shows the scope of national tourists among which politicians, athletes and influencers stand out, like the Golden Scorpion, Werevertumorro, La Cotorriza among others.

However, this world cup has shown the importance that digital conversation has in everyday life, since this great sporting event, outside of the big television stations, has shown to have a great impact within the network, Well, it is thanks to the content creators that the rest of the world can access all kinds of situations. outside of what the big television networks could show.

Country that supports the youtuber in Qatar loses “Luisito Comunica el nuevo Cruz Azul?”

mWithin various sectors such as entertainment and sports, superstitions play an important role, since this type of behavior or rituals, now many are the way to explain certain successes or failures, such is the case of Octopus Paul, who went viral for hitting a large number of integers in favor of the winner, during the World Cup in South Africa in 2010, or within the national context, where the Cruz Azul team shirt represented for the fans the possibility of “crossing it” and losing the match; however, more recently, the digital community has pointed to the youtuber Luisito Comunica as a key factor, because for many, it is curious that countries that it supports during one of the World Cup matches, is the country that ends up losing the match.

However, this is not the only oracle or reason for superstition that has taken over the networks, because for Internet users, The Simpsons television series continues to give people something to talk about, even predicting what would be the final match of the World Cup party, although It should be noted that this type of situation has been taken by the community as something comical, there are those who point out that superstitions play a more than important role in the final state of some events.

For both athletes and fans, superstitions and traditions during the games are an important part of the whole that transforms sport into a lifestyle.

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