Luisito Comunica enters the cantaritos business with Gran Malo

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  • As Luisito Comunica we have seen cases of great value of how a influencers triggers purchases, as demonstrated by Martha Debayle.

  • Rakuten Insight found one of the main reasons why a consumer buys products promoted by an influencer.

  • The shopping experience that starts on social networks and continues at points of sale is increasingly valuable.

There is a huge bet in the business of influencers launching products and it is the diversification of their income, with products that relate to their personal brands, as we see with Luisito Communicates and its singers or how did you do it Martha debayle.

As part of this experience, an interesting segment of ventures has been consolidated, where social networks have helped influencers become purchase triggers, as warned by a study of Rakuten Insightwhere the firm explains that a majority of 31 percent said they had bought a product because they were convinced by the promotion made by the influencer in charge of making it known.

“According to a survey of social media influencers conducted by Rakuten Insight in October 2020, about 44 percent of Thai respondents who bought an item or product endorsed by an influencer stated that they wanted to buy said product anyway, regardless of who was promoting it. The same survey revealed that more than half of those surveyed in the country followed at least one influencer on social media,” he explained. Statista by presenting the previous study exclusively to its subscribers.

Cantaritos Big Bad

Luisito Communicates promoted on your account instagram the last venture he has entered and is the sale of Gran Malo cantaritos.

Some time ago we reported the behavior of the consumer around this product launched by the influencer and we realized how in the purchases for the pantry that the consumer carries out on Amazon, Gran Malo, an alcoholic beverage, was among the best sellers in the segment Of groceries.

Understanding this insight, of how the consumer has made a product launched by an influencer part of their ordinary spending, helps us understand how valuable creativity becomes in product launches.

With this in mind, we saw the result of the last activation of Luisito Comunica with his famous alcoholic brand and it is an edition of cantaritos that are sold at Cervecería de Barrio, which we learned about through his social networks, since he published in their stories as they had implemented the activation in the famous chain of restaurants, where these are delivered accompanied by sweets.

This type of activation in which alcohol brands sell products inspired by cocktails that can be made from their product shows us how important the physical point of sale becomes for these brands, to carry out promotions in these places, so products that attract attention and establish a relationship with the consumer based on innovation in the experience they offer.

Thinking about this, the idea of ​​some small cantaritos leads us to think about how other influencers have made the point of sale their best point of promotion for unexpected products, as happened at the time with Martha Debayle when the host launched her makeup line and found at Sephora, a key space to publicize its products or in Liverpool when it launched its home decoration line.

In both cases, it was demonstrated how important it is for personal brands, when they launch products for sale, to establish them in a physical point of sale to make this store their best product detonator.

All of this undoubtedly leads us to think about how important it becomes in the social media market to get involved with the physical space and make these venues no longer just product display points, but extensions of what we see on social networks through the accounts of these public figures.

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