LoL: All the news of the 2023 season

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The most informational day of the year arrived around League of Legends Y Riot Games he has prepared it well. The MOBA developer presents a video with all the news about the 2023 season of LoL. Hand in hand with the three main faces in charge of this work, LoL receives the announcement of what the 2023 season will bring to the summoner’s rift. Reworks, new champions, new minireworks, ranked changes and of course new aspects. We already know the designated champions, as well as the names of the future ones two champions who will join LoL in the upcoming 2023 season.

To start, Riot Games uses as a spokesperson Jeremy Lee, its executive producer. He invited us to recap what happened in the preseason. The chaotic offseason received multiple changes, and Riot talks us through the results. the technochemical dragon and his new crack were a success, managing to include this dragon after her controversial debut last season. Another addicting success for Riot has been the new features to the game system. The new roulette pings has strengthened communication, while the dynamic of exchanging champions and positions has also been well used. Now it’s time to talk about season 2023.

Everything that will come to LoL in the 2023 season

After this short summary, Jeremy Lee delves into the bowels of what will be the new season of League of Legends. Starting with something we’ve already seen in the game client, Ahri Y Aurelion Sol They will get some tweaks. While Aurelion Sol gets a major skill rework, Ahri presents his TO ITS (update of illustrations and sustainability). The nine-tailed fox will look visually better than everwhile the star forger will finally be a intimidating dragon inside the crack. Get to know Aurelion Sol’s new skill kit at this other article.

Ahri ASU will come to LoL in the 2023 season
Ahri ASU will be the first great visual enhancement of the style that a League of Legends champion receives and will arrive in the 2023 season / Photo: Riot Games

The rest of Jeremy’s words about the new season was about something that interests many, the aspects. 2023 will continue with the dynamics of covering those champions who they have not had a new one skin in a while. Kalista It will be the first on the list and it will do so with a new theme. Accompanying Kalista, Karma he will receive a skin of the same theme to duo in the bot lane.

The new skin theme that will come to LoL will have Kalista and Karma as protagonists / Via: League of Legends

Continuing with the aspects we have confirmed the return of a furry themed to LoL. The furry aspects of april fools they will arrive with a new edition in 2023. After the success of skins like Pug’Maw and Corki Corgi, a fun and furry skin will arrive on Kled Y A new champion? well the splash art It’s not entirely clear, but we’ll talk about this strange new individual now.

Kled will get a furry April Fools look with Kindred / Via: League of Legends

Who will he be? Maybe we’ll find out in his release, which will be soon as Milio will be the next new LoL champion. It is presented to us by Riot by Lexi Gao, leader in champion production. Riot Lex introduces us to thousandthe new medium enchanter melee to melee thousand He arrives from Ixtal, land of Qiyana, to face a gigantic adventure for his young life and small size. Milio will be an innovation in the range of support champions. Being a melee enchanter with a jump-in-the-action dynamic will appeal to many. After Milio’s landing, Riot Games will present another champion melee, but this time murderess. Naafiri It will be a stalker of high complexity that will have the ability to jump on the neck of enemies and make assassins.

Milio and Naafiri, the next champions to reach LoL in the 2023 season
Milio (left) and Naafiri (right) will be the next champions to reach LoL in the 2023 season / Via: League of Legends

The rest of the 2023 season: Qualifiers and the success of the minireworks

In the absence of even starting the season, Riot Games already gives us the beginning with a large amount of information. The 2023 Season Qualifiers will have big changes. The most striking of the novelties is its new double divided, with double the rewards and more reasons to compete. You can find out everything and everything else about the update of the qualifying system in detail at this other article.

LoL Season 2023: The new ranked tab will show us the progress of the split and the rewards, including the victorious skin
The new ranked tab will show us the progress of the split and the rewards, including the victorious aspect / Via: League of Legends

Finally Riot Games closes with a very interesting talk about something in which they hit the nail on the head. The minireworks (midscopes updates) have been a success and Riot acknowledges it. Champions like Swain, Ahri, and Taliyah have managed to step up their gameplay and get fully into the meta. This has been thanks to his updates, so this will be the future for those champions who can’t get their kit to stand out in the midst of all the frenetic meta. One of the first small updates will be Skarner’s, although this will be visual only. This is the end of the announcement and welcome to the new 2023 LoL season that begins next Tuesday, January 10 with the arrival of patch 13.1.

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