Lionel Messi and the Australian players who asked him for a photo even though he deleted them

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Lionel Messi is so big that even the Australian players, whom he eliminated, asked him for a photo. (Photo: Mark Metcalfe – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

Lionel Messi it is a legend. At 35 years old, his retirement seems close, at least from the European and world circuits, but before that he has a pending appointment in Qatar 2022 with Argentina and everyone knows it; even the players from Australia, who did not care about the elimination of the World Cup and theand asked for a photo at the end of the game.

The Argentine National Team eliminated Australia in the round of 16 and Messi gave one of his best performances. With that, he won the award. to the MVP of the game (which was given to him by the singer Paulo Londra) and the admiration of the Australian elements.

Marco Toilo Y Joel King They were the players who approached Messi to ask him for a photograph after the match. None saw activity in the round of 16 game, but they could not miss the opportunity to take a picture with the world soccer legend.

Lionel, who was already in sandals and a post-game sweatshirt, was accessible and granted the request. He posed with King and hung a low-key smile — true to his style — with one of them.

When he was going to retire, Toilo thought his opportunity was slipping away, as the Argentine number 10 threatened to leave. But no, humility made him go back and take a picture with the missing player.

This was what a video captured behind the scenes of the Ahmad bin Al Stadiumi, but what other things will the cameras not capture? Messi is a media phenomenon. Surely, in this World Cup, there are players who grew up seeing his genius and placing him as an idol; Now that he’s close to saying goodbye It doesn’t seem imprudent to want to keep a memory of him.

Milos Degenek, a pillar in the Australian team, also took a souvenir photo with the South American star.

In Mexico there was no exception. It was not a young player who wanted something from Messi, he was one of the most experienced and who has the captain’s badge on his arm: Andres Guardado.

Guardado was the one who exchanged shirts with him after his match on November 26. And although some do not see this gesture with good eyes, especially since it was made after a defeat, it shows that sports rivalry is just that, just a friction between high-performance athletes.

The action of the Australians and Guardado expose that there is no rivalry that should transcend. Not even an elimination from the highest international competition, or defeat against a historic rival, are enough to break the barrier of respect and admiration for a fellow professional.

Messi, for his part, has not been reluctant to ask other players to share something with him. He is also aware of the weight of his name.

“I have had the privilege of facing him for many years in Spain, of living a moment with my son and I know the person Leo is…Leo has had various details with me and with many colleagues who know what he is like and beyond what is known. He speaks is to create controversy and sell things,” Andrés Guardado pointed out to the Argentine media.


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