Leonardo Dicaprio and his new girlfriend is much younger than you thought

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Legendary and talented American actor Leonardo Dicaprio, He has a new and very young girlfriend, reasons that have made the interpreter again receive harsh criticism for this topic, since even his new conquest is under 25 years old. Who is it about?

Leonardo Dicaprio was photographed a few days ago with his new girlfriend victoria lamas just 23 years old. The legendary American actor is the subject of criticism, since after many girls and none of them seem the right one until they turn 25, the actor has once again confirmed to the media that he only likes girls who are not older than 25 .

DiCaprio he is still struggling to find love, something that seems to be complicated for him, after breaking up his relationship with Camila Morrone, As soon as he turned 25, he was seen with Gigi Hadid, 27, something strange considering her age, but it seems that it was just a small romance, since he was seen on a date with Victoria Lamas.

Victoria is the actor’s daughter Lorenzo Lamas and was born two years after the premiere of the iconic 1997 film ‘Titanic’, they themselves were photographed separately, but leaving the same place, to later get into a car together.

This summer, DiCaprio it was already photographed with gigi after Morrone, this being the first woman he was dating over 25 years of age and who had already been a mother before.

After the leak of these new images, a source close to the couple said that “they are taking it easy,” according to the portal. Page Six.

Meanwhile, the winner of the oscar He will have to face again the criticism that the networks have made for his position, since some consider that as “pedophilia”, considering that the actor is currently 48 years old.

And you, do you think victoria lamas be finally be the true love of Leonardo Dicaprio?

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